Mr SunJinrong who is one of founder of Shenzhen toheart lighting limited is in Africa When LED technology come to mind of people , Then , he enjoy beautiful nature although hard living situation sometimes short electricity in nation of pool industry . 2 years late , he go back his homeland--china then find environment pollution is so serious which touch him to past in Africa . From then , Mr SunJinrong is decided to devote to ecology environment , of which led lighting is just one project . In mission of sustainable developing , he co-founded Shenzhen toheart lighting limited with other 5 senior industrial engineer on 2008 . ultra technology must go everywhere over our life and harm be cut at birth ----it is just Shenzhen toheart lighting limited .

By now , we developed 3 main series that are perfect in  waterproof application filed  :

1  LED underwater light

2  led landscape light

3  LED architectural  light

Our products are extensive application in fountain show , swimming pool , landscape decoration and building facade decoration . during these 7 years ,we successful participate in oversea projects such fountain show , building facade lighting project by post-design and product develop , and also win respects from oversea owner ,oversea contractor and oversea lighting designer .

Above award is benefit of teamers of company who are excellent experience in LED for many years under polytechnic background , they will lead team to innovate more aesthetic effect products and waterproof again and again under environment protection .

Best regards ,

Chief : Mr SunGuoliang

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